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Welcome here by  Luftballons.biz. We proudly present Balloons, ballon gas and helium, accessories for balloons and balloon decorations, balloons and helium kits in many different variations. Our shop is a supplement to our local business balloon supermarket (huge specialist shop on 1000 sqms) and to our well known online-shop Ballonsupermarkt-Onlineshop.

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balloons and helium kits for wedding, birthday parties and festive decorationsFoil Balloonsballoons

Balloons and helium kits, mylar balloons and latex balloons in best quality for decorators.

Balloons for weddings delivered in cartons, wedding balloons with helium


You can get informations, tips and instructions about balloons here. We are still working for it to provide an informal site also for our custumers in different languages. For customers who understand German we suggest our german version. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.
Balloons are our passion. Since 28 years we are busy to offer the very best services in balloon decorations and multifarious actions in combination with balloons. So we are experienced in actions like: Sending balloons to heaven, balloon flight competitions, wedding decorations with wedding balloons, effective advertising with balloons and much more. Therefore you may be insured, that all our balloons are well tested and proofed and presume the best conditions to succeed. We point out, that we provide only balloon-products regarding to latex balloons which are produced in Europe. Manufacturer in Europe are obliged to establish latex balloons under strict rules. Highly reduced pollutants, very small proportions of nitrosamine, less chemical ingredients lead to biological harmless natural products. And that is best for our customers. Our categories in latex balloons: Heartballoons, heart-shaped balloons, round balloons in 30 cm diameter, metallic latex balloons, printed latex balloons and for advertising and show the giant balloons.   

If you need to see more articles as here listed, do not hesitate to visit our further shop (about us). Here we schow you balloons and helium products in our Catalog, where you may find Balloons & Helium sets, different balloons for many occasions included helium bottle and ribbons, Foil balloons, mylar balloons, printed and unprinted, filled with helium for shipping or unfilled, so you may fill it yourself. Foil balloons are a really good medium as gifts for children, gifts for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and childrens birthdays. Printed with accordingly messages they are allways welcomed and appreciated. More over this we offer also latex balloons in different sizes not only for professional decorators. Although we offer predominantly latex balloons for decorations in best qualities, also untrained balloon decorators will find here links and tips how to decorate our balloons in a propper manner, so one can give colors and lightener to parties, weddings and all special events, where balloons are disired. Under Themes of the Year we provide balloons and decorations for christmas, sylvester, valentine, easter, carnival, mothers day, halloween and for the famous german oktoberfest. For all our balloons you may need special equipement so also your decorations will succeed. Then please have a look at balloon accessories. If you like to fill your balloons with helium, we suggest our wide range of balloon gas-articles. Here you may order different kinds of helium-bottles, disposable and reusable bottles for shipping in Germany and Europe. If you have any questions here, how to deliver the helium to you, please contact us, we will grant the best possible service. Added to our proposals you will find nice ideas for birthday and childrens birthday. Specialised in decorations and balloons for weddings we provide many different and beautiful articles under wedding. Most recommendable if you have the intention to let the balloons rise on wedding parties. To decorate your event, party, wedding or any other festival we offer decorations to various occasions. Furthermore we offer special balloons for gifts, fireworks, candles an sparklers and do it yourself balloon-decorations.